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The Wellness Model

At FitPeaceByPeace, we help others to see themselves as whole, capable, and complete beings. We believe that humans are multi-dimensional and that all elements must be addressed when it comes to lasting health. 


Holistic wellness is exactly what it sounds like--appreciating all the multifaceted areas of health. All aspects of a balanced life must be taken into account: physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual. We use this holistic approach from a position of empowerment, providing education, perspective, resources, and insight along the way. 


The wellness model does not simply dwell on symptoms---it focuses on the person beneath the problem. True healing is possible, and you have the ability to live a life of psychological freedom. 


We believe it is necessary to explore the big questions that may be holding you back from truly experiencing all that life has to offer. Together, we can acknowledge the past, find peace with the present, and place hope in a purposeful future.